Retail Image Advisors
What do we do – By thinking like a customer, we assist the retailer with methods of how to create or maintain the best store image, to ensure that clients enjoy a better shopping experience while increasing store sales.

The retail image:
A well merchandised display floor will help the customer to locate the goods.
Good structured visually display, will reduce customer confusion, and increase sales.

 Store layout and customer circulation:
When the customer enters the store, we make them circulate around the shop, stop at key demand product sections, and ensure they open their wallets.

 Product range coordination:
Working with the buying teams, we bring a critical view to the product range. The department product choice, structure, and style, with a statistical analysis and clarification of the offer.

Follow up:
Once the store is open or the retail visual image has changed, the challenge is not to lose the store merchandise image.  CMA provides ongoing training support for the shop staff.

CMA has completed retail projects or assisted with product range assembly and store image for the following clients:

Beymen Casa Club, Turkey                                         

The Holding Company, England

Taiyo Kagu Furniture, Japan

Beijing Illinois, China

Vice Versa, Italy

Colour Centre Smets, Luxembourg

Casino Geant, France

Andreadis Home stores, Greece

Cantia, Mexico.

How is the shopping experience in your store?